Q. What is kobe steak like?

Kobe Beef is one of top grades of beef in Japan. Japanese kobe steak is well marbled and very tender. Japanese Kobe Beef is raised in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. There are mainly four breeds in wa-gyu (wa means Japanese and gyu means cattle): Japanese Black, Japanese Blown, Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn. Beef for kobe steak is from Tajima-ushi, which is one of the Japanese Black breed of cattle. Tajima-ushi are fed on natural feed such as barley, wheat bran, and grass, and good water in the Tajima region. Among Tajima-ushi, beef which meet special criteria can become kobe steak. The beef must be ranked in Grade A or B by The Japanese Association of Meat Ranking. It’s said that only 3000-4000 Kobe Beef are available per year in Japan. Kobe Beef costs over $100 per pound in Japan. Kobe Beef is crossbred in the USA.

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