How to broil a steak

Q. Please tell me how to broil a steak?

How to broil a steak is by direct heat either by gas flame or electric coils in the range oven or portable unit, or in a hot, uncovered skillet on top of the stove.

How to broil a steak in the oven
Under a gas or electric flame, is a dry heat method. Steak should be at least 1″ thick.Trim excess fat from edges and slash in several places to prevent curling.Place on oiled broiler pan rack. Set heat at 350 and slide in rack 2-3″from heat. Broil until top side is brown. Season top side with salt and pepper, turn and brown on other side, season again and serve.

How to broil a steak in a pan
Use a heavy skillet on top of range. Steak should be cut from 1/2 to not more than 1 1/2 ” thick. Trim excess fat from edges and slash in several places to prevent curling, Chuck or top round steak cut 3/4″will pan broil very well. Cube or minute steaks will pan brown nicely if sliced very thin. Preheat skillet. Place steak in skillet and brown slowly.Do not add water or fat and do not cover.Most steak cuts have enough fat to prevent sticking, but a little salt may be sprinkled into bottom of skillet when very lean cuts are used. Do not over cook. To broil a steak in a pan takes about half the time of oven broiling.


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