How long do I cook flat iron steak on the grill?

Q. How long do I cook flat iron steak on the grill?

A flat iron steak is a shoulder top blade steak which is cut from the chuck in such a way that eliminates the connective tissue that runs through the center. Each half of a flat iron steak resembles a flank steak in shape. These pieces are cut across into individual flat iron steaks. The name flat iron steak is due to the shape which resembles a flat iron used to iron clothes in the old days. It is a less tender cut but has good flavor and is economical. I recommend marinating it overnight to tenderize it before grilling. Grilling time for flat iron steak that is 1″ thick 5-7 minutes for rare and 7-10 minutes for medium. If 1 1/2″ thick, 7-10 minutes for rare and 10-13 minutes for medium.

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